Italian Machinery Manufacturers for Technical Textiles

(updated February 2024)

This part of our website is reserved to technical and innovative textiles. The sector of technical and innovative textiles is a reality which is gaining more and more importance in terms of size, thanks to the technological features of its products and to its continuous offer of new and promising market niches.

The global technical textiles production is worth €160 billion, of which 60% is generated in China, followed by the European Union with a 15% share, worth €26 billion. About a quarter of Europe’s technical textiles output is produced in Italy, where the sector’s revenue was €6.71 billion in 2021, when the Country topped the ranking ahead of Germany and France.

European consumption of technical textiles has grown from a value of €8 billion in 1995 to almost €30 billion today.

Italian textile machine manufacturers follow the development of this sector with keen attention. Over 100 ACIMIT member companies operate in the manufacture of specially designed or modified machines for the production of innovative technical textiles and nonwovens.

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