Sustainable Technologies

The “Sustainable Technologies” project: the ACIMIT green label

Italian textile machinery manufacturers play a fundamental role in promoting new and innovative green technology trends. The competitive playing field for the textile industry focuses on environmental, financial and social sustainability. Under pressure from increasingly stringent industry regulations and standards, and urged on by environmental movements and the precautionary policies on chemical safety of several important brands, the textile sector is forced to measure up to new issues.

Italian textile machinery manufacturers, in a variety of textile industry sectors (from spinning to knitting, from weaving to finishing) have shown their capacity to provide innovative technology solutions that move towards eliminating hazardous substances from production processes, in favour of greater savings in water and energy costs, promoting the recycling of materials at the end of their lifespan.

Within this context, ACIMIT, the Association of Italian Textile Machinery Manufacturers, has realized the “Sustainable Technologies” project.
At the center of the “Sustainable Technologies” project is the ACIMIT green label, the energy/environmental labelling tool for textile machinery developed by the Association and certified by an accredited international certification body, RINA.

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