The Sector

The textile machinery sector today

In Italy, there are approximately 300 companies who produce textile machines and related accessories, for a total of about 12,900 employees.

Italy is today one of main producers and exporters of textile machinery in the world. In 2023, the production of Italian textile machinery amounted to 2.3 billion of Euro, 86% of which (worth 2.0 billion Euro) exported in about 130 Countries. Asia (39%) is the main export area, followed by European Union (22%), Europe extra EU (14%), North America (9%), South America (8%) and Africa (8%).

A complete production range

The supply of Italian textile machinery is characterised by a wide and complete range:
– pre-spinning and spinning machinery
– twisting, reeling, winding machinery
– pre-weaving and weaving machinery
– knitting and hosiery machinery
– dyeing, printing and finishing machinery
– laundry dry-cleaning and ironing machinery

Italian machines are studied to process all natural fibres as well as man-made fibres, in order to give a correct answer to all requests of a modern textile industry.


The reasons for our success

Tradition and innovation are the keys of the success of Italian textile machinery sector.

Italian manufacturers are located in areas and towns of ancient textile tradition, where a profitable exchange of experiences with the end-users is a stimulating contribution to the improvement of the machines. The skilled workforce of the sector, providing the necessary know how for the production quality, is a legacy of the ancient Italian textile tradition too.

The second key of our success has to be found in the high level of innovation that characterizes our production. The topics of Italian R&D activities are energy saving and machine productivity, because our industry knows very well that it is important for textile companies to focus on these topics in order to remain competitive worldwide.

Advanced technology, sustainability, versatility, flexibility, excellent quality and price ratio are the main characteristics that made the Italian machinery an undisputed leader in the world.