This part of our website is reserved to technical and innovative textiles as well as to nonwovens.
The sector of technical and innovative textiles is a reality which is gaining more and more importance in terms of size, thanks to the technological features of its products and to its continuous offer of new and promising market niches.

The growing importance of this sector is confirmed by following figures (source Messe Frankfurt):

- Since 1960, the market for technical textiles has grown five times faster than the traditional textile one and it is forecast to reach 175 bn US$ by 2020, that is nearly the double of 93 bn US$ in 2000.
- 27% of the world production of textiles can be attributed to technical textiles.
- China and India account for almost half of the world production of technical textiles.
- The segment of technical textiles in the EU represents about 30% of the total turnover of the textile industry (excluding clothing) and its value amounts to 30 bn Euro.
- Growth in Europe is mainly due to two technological innovations: the nonwovens with a growth rate of 60% since 2000 and the composites with a growth rate of 75% since 2000.

Italian textile machine manufacturers follow the development of this sector with keen attention. ACIMIT estimates that over 100 of their member companies operate in the manufacture of specially designed or modified machines for the production of innovative technical textiles and nonwovens.

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