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1.1.13 Waste reclamation lines, tearers
1.1.14 Other preparatory machinery for cotton spinning systems
1.2.16 Other preparatory machinery for worsted, semi-worsted and woollen spinning systems
1.5.12 Other machinery for the production of man-made filaments and fibres and for filament treatment
1.8.6 Additional devices (e.g. humidifying, waxing, oiling)
1.8.12 Other auxiliary machinery and devices for spinning preparation and spinning and man-made fibre production
2.7.1 Additional devices (e.g. humidifying, waxing, oiling, singeing, setting)
3.3.6 Other auxiliary machinery for web formation, bonding and finishing of nonwovens and felting
4.6.11 Other auxiliary machinery for weaving preparatory, weaving and tufting
5.6.7 Other auxiliary machinery for knitting and hosiery production
13.4 Heat Recovery Systems
13.5 Equipment for waste management
13.7 Accessories for equipment for recycling, waste reduction and pollution prevention
14.2.1 Data monitoring and control systems for the spinning and winding industry
14.2.2 Data monitoring and control systems for the nonwovens industry
14.2.3 Data monitoring and control systems for the weaving industry
14.2.4 Data monitoring and control systems for the knitting industry
14.3.5 Environmental management systems
16.4 Air conditioning plants
16.5 Air humidifiers