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1.1.3 Bale breakers, bale pluckers
1.1.4 Blow room machines
1.1.5 Blending machines
1.1.6 Foreign fibre/part separators
1.1.7 Automatic feeding devices for carding machines
1.1.13 Waste reclamation lines, tearers
1.1.14 Other preparatory machinery for cotton spinning systems
1.2.2 Opening lines for raw wool
1.2.5 Opening, cleaning and blending lines
1.2.6 Waste reclamation lines, tearers
1.2.7 Auto-feeders
1.2.16 Other preparatory machinery for worsted, semi-worsted and woollen spinning systems
1.3.1 Opening, cleaning and blending machines
1.3.2 Auto-feeders
1.5.12 Other machinery for the production of man-made filaments and fibres and for filament treatment
1.8.6 Additional devices (e.g. humidifying, waxing, oiling)
1.8.12 Other auxiliary machinery and devices for spinning preparation and spinning and man-made fibre production
1.9.4 Spiked lattices, lags
3.1.1 Bale breakers, bale pluckers
3.1.2 Opening, cleaning, blending and dosing machines
3.1.3 Feeding devices
3.1.6 Machines for aerodynamic web formation
3.1.10 Other machinery for web formation
3.3.6 Other auxiliary machinery for web formation, bonding and finishing of nonwovens and felting
11.1 Devices for sample preparation